Networking with Spamihilator

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using autapf not fpipe

Beitrag von Gast » 26. Okt 2006, 12:38

i have solved my problem by using autapf (

fpipe is not working for large email (socket error 10035)

hope this will help some guys

have a nice day

fpipe give error 10035 when mail too large

Beitrag von Gast » 25. Okt 2006, 14:33

i'm forgot to tell i'm using fetchmail to get message:

pc -> server mail (fetchmail) -> spami -> net

i have testing fpipe and it's working for small email

when an email is too large (i don't know how many but >100ko maybe),
fpie give a error 10035 ! ! !
and spami is waiting for timeout ...

i have tested with spami 0.9.9 and win 2k and XP

What's this ?
have you the same error ?
how to solve it ?

fpipe give error 10035 when mail too large

Beitrag von Gast » 25. Okt 2006, 14:26

i have testing fpipe and it's working for small email

when an email is too large (i don't know how many but >100ko maybe),
fpie give a error 10035 ! ! !
and spami is waiting for timeout ...

i have tested with spami 0.9.9 and win 2k and XP

What's this ?
have you the same error ?
how to solve it ?

Beitrag von Mwewe » 27. Feb 2006, 09:07

Maybe I'm missing something, but I think you can access Spami on one machine from other machines with no fpipe or other programs. For example, I have a machine called "A" with IP address that is running Spami. That means it is running a server listening on port 110 for incoming POP3 requests.

On another machine, called "B" with IP address, I set up my Outlook Express account to access A or instead of for incoming mail. Then set up the user name and password as you would if Spami were on B, only use the form and don't use the service provider.

The disadvantages I see are:

1. The trapped spam will reside on A, and you will have to check the Spami recycle bin on that computer.

2. If you access your account this way from machine B, then go to machine A later, your mail will not be there, but will still be on B.

If you have several people on the LAN all using different mail accounts, then you're probably better off installing Spami on each machine. But there would be an advantage, for example, if you're the only one who would bother to scan the recycle bin. Then you could have all the junk mail in one place.

However, suppose Spami traps an incoming piece of mail into the recycle bin, but you decide it's real mail and should go to the recipient. If you restore it from the recycle bin, it goes into your mailbox on A even if it's for the person on B. Then you somehow have to get it to him/her.

That means there won't be much privacy, and it'll be somewhat intrusively obvious to the various users. Also, it's a big responsibility to decide if somebody else's email is junk or not. You could easily throw away something they think is important.


Beitrag von anbuva » 31. Jan 2006, 14:32

Hallo Bob Loeffler!

I think there isn't a machine translation machine yet which works (with the corresponding knowledge) better than a professional human Translator


Beitrag von Gast » 31. Jan 2006, 13:58

Mist doch noch was übersehen. Im Eifer des Gefechts habe ich die Pfade in den Registryeinträgen vergessen zu ersetzen. Diese müssen natürlich auch alle so "[Laufwerksbuchstabe]:\\[FPipe-Pfad]" aussehen.

Lösung für alle Spami2Service Nutzer

Beitrag von Gast » 31. Jan 2006, 13:56

Da ich mir das Konzept mit Spami2Service angeschaut habe und es bei mir auch ziemlich rund läuft, habe ich mir direkt eine Lösung für FPipe gestrickt.

Als erstes muss ein Service angelegt werden. Dafür gibt man in der Commandozeile folgenden Befehl ein:
Code: Alles auswählen
"instsrv.exe" SpamiFPipe "[Laufwerksbuchstabe]:\[FPipe-Pfad]"

Anschliessend muss man Regedit öffnen. Dabei bitte SEEEEHR vorsichtig sein. Zunächst den Pfad suchen:
Code: Alles auswählen

Dann rechtsklick auf SpamiFPipe klicken und einen neuen Schlüssel mit den Namen "Parameter" (ohne Anführungszeichen) anlegen. Den neuen Schlüssel dann anklicken und im rechten Bereich neue Zeichenketten mit dem jeweiligen Inhalt anlegen:
Code: Alles auswählen
Zeichenkette      Inhalt
"Application"      "S:\\server\\Spamihilator\\fpipe\\FPipe.exe"
"AppDirectory"      "S:\\server\\Spamihilator\\fpipe"
"AppParameters"      "-l 110 -r 110"

Ist das erledigt nochmals in der Commandozeile folgenden Befehl eingeben:
Code: Alles auswählen
net start SpamiFPipe

Wenn alles geklappt hat, läuft FPipe automatisch im Hintergrund. Dabei muss kein Fenster verkleinert werden noch muss ein Kontoangemeldet sein. Also auch was für den Serverbetrieb.

Da ich kein Forummitglied bin und auch nicht so regelmässig vorbei schaue könnte ihr mich über ein Kontaktformular auf unserer Firmenseite erreichen

Beitrag von war59312 » 8. Jan 2006, 12:48

Nice find. Checking it out now.

Hey none,

I got a nice little command line tool that can run it in the background and invisible. :) If your interested...


hide.exe /wait "C:\E-Mail.bat"

This runs the batch file in the background and its window invisible. And always waits for the batch file to complete before quiting. :)



Not so good

Beitrag von Gast » 6. Dez 2005, 16:06

Hi all,

since some work has to be done on the spami host (train the learning area, restore misfiltered messages, put pepople in the white list, ...)
i think using spami like you did is perhaps not a good idea...

I have a 20 hosts network here and finaly decide to put spami on each station and train people to use it...

I hope it helps


Good Answer but... it stays open

Beitrag von Gast » 6. Dez 2005, 10:14

FPipe works WONDERFUL but there is one problem. It remains open in a command window when run. I found a work around.
Follow the directions. All your command windows will minimize to tray then but this is ok.

Hope this helps and THANK YOU THANK YOU for finding FPipe for me. It allows me to connect with my laptop WIFI at home without worrying about the spam

Have I got it right?

Beitrag von Gast » 26. Okt 2004, 14:44

Hallo Michal.K!

I'm very interested in the solution you suggested, but would like to check if i got it right. If my questions seem stupid, lets say I am forced to administer my network with absolutely no competence for that task:-(

1. Was your mail just an idea or did you implement it? You have that setup running now for some time and with no problems, right?

2. I run the fpipe at the server to redirect incoming traffic to localhost, the only host spami can use. Then in Eudora I specify the servers ip address as incoming mail server. Have I got this right?

3. I assume I have to make a bat file or something to run fpipe automatically when I restart my server?

4. Are there restrictions in the number of users?

Thaks very much if you have the time to help me!


Beitrag von Bob Loeffler » 1. Jul 2004, 01:33

RossiRat hat geschrieben:Bob - HELP - we need this autotranslator - translator tool fast! :lol:)

Someone else will have to create that plugin. Hmmmm... maybe you could make a translator plugin that will translate autotranslated translations. ;-) I think I just confused myself! :shock:


Beitrag von RossiRat » 30. Jun 2004, 13:10

This is VERY interesting. Maybe i can host Spami for our (not so email trained and pc blessed) secretaries on a second machine. 8)

Meanwhile, there is a typo in the link. Here the Homepage:

And the deep link:

(The documention is in english. Translated it with google to german just for fun. :) :)
"Krauts" can so read something about "Brandmauern" and "Verkehr mit Quelltoren" *pfui* :oops: :wink:
Bob - HELP - we need this autotranslator - translator tool fast! :lol:)

Networking with Spamihilator

Beitrag von Gast » 29. Jun 2004, 15:44


for all people who want making access to Spamihilator from local network (for. ex. from any computer connected to our interface one must download and install Fpipe, then run it with this command: fpipe -l 110 -r 110 Now Spamihilator can work for any client in our localnetwork ;-). Bye.


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