Use Plugins and Add-Ons to increase Spamihilator’s spam recognition rate or to add new features to the program.


by Sebastian Laiblin, Dec/17/2003

Filters mails containing “0190”-numbers (very expensive numbers often used by spammers to make cash) [more]

Addressee Filter

by Carolyn Scheppner, Mar/13/2006

Quickly filters out mails that are not addressed To or Cc’d to one of your correct email addresses…. [more]

AIR Filter 0.1.5

by Andrea Fontana, Jan/09/2006

This plugin is used to stop mails sended to Almost Identical Recipients (=AIR). It’s very quick… [more]

AlphabetSoup Filter 1.0

by Boris Kugelmeier, Sep/17/2003

This plugin filters emails containig useless chains of characters. [more]

Attachment Extensions Filter v0.9.6

by Bob Loeffler, Feb/12/2006

This filter blocks e-mails that contain certain attachments, but it can also allow other e-mails to… [more]

Bad Tag Filter 0.2.3

by Andrea Fontana, Dec/03/2003

This plugin filters mails containing invalid HTML tags or too much comments that spammer insert to… [more]

Charset Plugin

by Carsten Paasch

This plugin filters emails containing configured charsets. [more]

DNSBL 0.8.0

by Bernhard Mähr, Dec/31/2004

Tests if the Sender-Server is on a DNS-Black-List Supports multiple blacklists [more]

Empty Mail Filter v1.3.2

by Bob Loeffler, Feb/25/2004

This filter blocks e-mails that are empty or contain very few words. If the number of words that… [more]

Export Senders Plugin v1.2.2

by Bob Loeffler, Feb/21/2005

This plugin utility allows you to export the e-mail addresses of Friends or Blocked Senders (or… [more]

Filter Statistics v1.1.4

by Bob Loeffler, Nov/28/2009

The Filter Statistics is a plugin that allows the configuration and graphing of filter statistics. … [more]

Foreign language Filter

by Edy Hinzen, Nov/14/2004

Filters out mails with words in specified foreign languages or those mails using mainly foreign… [more]

Hercule Filter

by Edy Hinzen, Nov/14/2004

Detective for invalid or bad HTML or mail headers typically used by spammers. [more]

by Bob Loeffler, Jan/09/2004

This filter blocks HTML e-mails that contain too many URL or e-mail links. It allows you to decide… [more]


by Dr. Detlef Meyer-Eltz, Feb/01/2009

The IMP-filter can classify e-mails as (non-)spam, which obstinately resist to other filters. To… [more]

Misnamed Filter

by Alex Vallat, Feb/21/2010

This plugin’s purpose is to detect spam emails which have been sent to valid email addresses, but… [more]

Misspelled Filter

by Edy Hinzen, Nov/14/2004

Finds messages with intentional misspelled words. Assumed that ‘paradise’ (without the quotes) is… [more]

Mystic-Signs-Filter 1.1.1

by Sebastian Laiblin, Dec/18/2003

Filters mails that tries to confuse the bayesian filter by integration random special chars into… [more]

No Comment! Filter v1.2.2

by Bob Loeffler, Dec/26/2003

This filter blocks e-mails that contain HTML comments. Spammers sometimes use HTML comments within… [more]

Outgoing Friends

by Alex Vallat, Jan/25/2008

Anyone I send an email to is not a spammer, so what this utility does is scan every outgoing email… [more]

by Bob Loeffler, Apr/30/2007

This filter blocks plain text e-mails that contain too many URL or e-mail links. It allows you to… [more]

RFC-Validator 1.2.0

by Bernhard Mähr

Filters mails that are not RFC conform or malicious Currently following is checked: - No sender… [more]

Scripts Filter v1.2.2

by Bob Loeffler, Dec/07/2003

This filter blocks e-mails that contain embedded HTML scripts. Spammers can use these embedded… [more]

Server-Tester 0.5.1

by Bernhard Mähr

Tries to filter spoofed mails. This plugin makes connections to the internet. Winsock Version 2… [more]

Signature Filter 0.5.2

by Bernhard Mähr, Nov/07/2004

This filter forces all mails to pass other filters if a part of our signature is included. This… [more]


by Ulrich Brunner, May/03/2004

This setup installs Spami as a Service. Please read the description on the download site. This only… [more]

Spamihilator-Forum-Reader-PlugIn 1.5.0

by Sebastian Laiblin, Nov/15/2004

Opens articles automatically in your browser, if you are informed by the forum about new… [more]

Strange-Country-Filter v 1.1.0

by Sebastian Laiblin, Sep/13/2003

Filters mails from “strange” countries, or do you get serious mails from Korea? The filtering uses… [more]

Substring-Filter v 1.5.0

by Sebastian Laiblin, Apr/22/2004

Search for string in your mail. It finds the string wherever it is in your mail, though be very… [more]

Trust SpamAssassin Headers

by Alex Vallat, Dec/18/2007

This plugin reads the X-Spam-Status email header, which is set by SpamAssassin, and uses the values… [more]

Unclassified Filter v1.2.2

by Bob Loeffler, Apr/01/2007

This filter allows you to mark all unclassified e-mails as either Spam or Non-spam.

This filter… [more]

URL-Filter v 1.8.0

by Sebastian Laiblin, May/20/2004

Filters all mails containing URLs mostly used by spammers. It has a Black-/White-/Ignorelist … [more]

Virtual POP3-Server 1.0 Beta 2

by Boris Kugelmeier, Mar/22/2004

This prgoram is a virtual POP3 server for plugin authors which replaces lavish test email traffic. [more]

Whitestring-Filter v 1.5.0

by Sebastian Laiblin, Oct/12/2003

Looks for special substrings (defined by you) in incoming mails, if the filter finds one of them… [more]

Wordlist-Extractor v 1.0.0

by Sebastian Laiblin, Jun/06/2004

Extracts the wordlist of the learning filter to a txt-file, so you can have a look at the values…. [more]

X-Header-Filter 1.5.5

by Bernhard Mähr, Dec/31/2004

Filters Mail depending on X-Header lines [more]

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