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Training Area

Settings for the Training Area

Use the Training Area to teach Spamihilator how to recognize spam mails. The most recently received mails will be saved and displayed in a list.

Don’t keep messages more than [x] days

Limit the number of saved mails by specifying how many days they should stay in the Training Area.

Select next item from the list after marking a mail as Spam or Non-spam

The Training Area contains buttons to mark a mail as Spam or Non-spam respectively. If you press one of these buttons and this option is enabled, the next mail in the list will automatically be selected.


The “Pre-mark” options allow you to define whether Spamihilator shall mark only spam mails, or only non-spam mails, or both, in the Training Area.

If the option “… automatically when Training Area is opened” is enabled, pre-marking will be done automatically when the Training Area is displayed. You don’t have to click on the “Pre-Mark” button anymore.

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