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Language Settings

Spamihilator detects your system language automatically. If you install a new language pack, you may have to alter the configuration.

Open the settings dialog and choose “Language”. Click on an item in the list. As soon as you push the OK button, the program will be translated into the language that you selected.

If you want to see Spamihilator in another language, download one of the Spamihilator language files from the Internet. These files always have the extension .spamihilator.language. Copy these files into Spamihilator’s program folder. After that, you can choose the desired language in the menu shown on the left.

You should pay attention that you are using a language file with the right Spamihilator version. Otherwise, some phrases can not be translated. Compare the version from the list above with your version of Spamihilator.

New Language Packs

Click on the link “Check the Spamihilator Internet server for new language packs” and you will be redirected to a special web page where all available language packs are listed.

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