How to update the expired SSL/TLS certificate

Thursday, January 30, 2020
This article applies to Spamihilator version 1.6.0 or older. The new version Spamihilator 1.7.0 already solves the problem.

The certificate for encrypted connections between your email client and Spamihilator has expired on 29 January 2020. If you get an error message, follow these instructions to replace the certificate with a new one:

  • First, download the ZIP file with the new certificate:
  • Extract the ZIP file into any folder. Inside, you will find the files cert.server.pem, key.server.pem, and spamihilator.der.
  • Copy these files into the Spamihilator program directory. You can find this directory under C:\Program Files\Spamihilator or C:\Program Files (x86)\Spamihilator.
  • Overwrite the existing files!
  • Restart Spamihilator or your computer
  • Also restart your email client
  • When your email client looks for new messages the next time, you may get a warning that the certificate has been issued by an unknown authority. Confirm this warning. In Outlook, you should also click on “View certificate” and then on “Install certificate” to permanently disable this warning.
  • After this, Spamihilator should work as usual.

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