Spamihilator has been released!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The new Spamihilator version has just been released. This version fixes a few minor bugs. Besides the usability of the Training Area and Recycle Bin has been improved a lot. Installing the new version is recommended for all users who frequently work with these windows.

Please download Spamihilator from the following website:

The complete list of changes in this version follows.

Training Area and Recycle Bin

  • More shortcut keys have been added.
  • Icons have been added to the menu.
  • Toolbars are fully customizable now. They can even be hidden completely.
  • Added possibility to move and hide list view columns.
  • Added option to switch between Recycle Bin and Training Area via the shortcut button. The Recycle Bin window will be closed when the Training Area is opened and vice versa.
  • The list view will gain keyboard focus again when the view message window has been closed.
  • Improved sorting.
  • Added effective top level domain handling. So, links like, and will not be merged to anymore.


  • Added possibility to reset all answers to message boxes.
  • Added language detail window with estimation about a language file’s quality.
  • Added support for the IMAP FETCH RFC822 command.

Fixed bugs

  • Messages will be premarked even when the Training Area is already open.
  • Fixed display of the column sort icon in the Recycle Bin and Training Area under Vista.
  • Updating the DCC Filter configuration file will not cause the installer to stall anymore.
  • The last seen timestamp in the Link Filter’s list of links will be updated correctly now
  • Fixed a bug in the link filter that did not display the last seen date immediately when a new link was added manually.

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