Spamihilator has been released!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The new Spamihilator version has just been released. This version fixes a few minor bugs. Installing the new version is recommended for all users.

Spamihilator also includes a new filter, which searches incoming messages for links to spam websites! The so-called Link Filter is able to learn! Please use the Training Area frequently to make sure the filter’s recognition rate stays at a high level. More information about the Link Filter can be found in the Spamihilator Wiki.

This is the complete list of changes:

  • New Link Filter!
  • The performance of the Training Area and the Recycle Bin has been increased (especially when displaying more than 1000 messages).
  • The usability of the Training Area and the Recycle Bin has been improved. In particular it is now possible to switch between these two windows by a small button in the menu bar, even under Windows Vista.
  • A bug in the HTML mail parser has been fixed. This increases the recognition rate of all filters.
  • Fixed IMAP SEARCH command
  • Two bugs in the mail date parser have been fixed.
  • A visualization bug in the about dialog has been fixed.
  • The setup procedure and the uninstaller have been improved.
  • The DCC Filter and the zlib library have been updated.

Please download Spamihilator from the following website:

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