Spamihilator has been released!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The new Spamihilator version has just been released. This version fixes some minor bugs. Installation is recommended.

This is the complete list of changes:

  • A problem in the IMAP component has been fixed: some restored messages contained additional characters.
  • A problem in the IMAP component has been fixed: some messages could only be retrieved after a restart of the mail client.
  • Parsing nested multipart messages works better now. This improves the quality of the Learning Filter.
  • Closed GDI handle leaks. So, Spamihilator needs less resources if it runs very long.
  • A problem has been fixed: some systems showed a black screen when the DCC Filter got active.
  • A problem has been fixed: on some systems the main icon was displayed as a black square.
  • Mail preview shows less blank lines now.
  • The user’s default browser will be opened now when the help files are about to be shown.
  • The link to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) has been fixed in the main menu.

Please download Spamihilator from the following website:

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